Halloween covers show at Anchors Up!Saturday, October 29th, 2011Hammer Bros (Misfits)Reign Supreme (Hatebreed)Revenge (Black Flag)Word For Word (The Bruisers)Black Sheep (Life Of Agony)Doors a 6:00 pm$10Also, wear a costume!

Halloween covers show at Anchors Up!

Saturday, October 29th, 2011

Hammer Bros (Misfits)
Reign Supreme (Hatebreed)
Revenge (Black Flag)
Word For Word (The Bruisers)
Black Sheep (Life Of Agony)

Doors a 6:00 pm

Also, wear a costume!


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    Because the current lineup of the Misfits SUCKS, and Hammer Bros is the greatest band of all time.
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    Why wouldn’t you just go to the real Misfits show on the 16th? >__>
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    …….damn. i reaaaallly wanna go to this.
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