Today(well yesterday, technically speaking.)

What a good day, first real day I’ve had off in about three weeks. Drove to Wilmington with Andrew and watched the Bruins second day of Training Camp at Ristuccia. I’m telling you right now, that Ville Leino is going to make the team and play on the 3rd or 4th line and that Loui Eriksson is going to have a break out year in Boston. After that, I went home and cooked vegan pizza for myself that was delicious.  Then I hauled ass to Portland, Maine for the Cruel Hand record release gig. I got their just in time to watch the last DNA song through the front window(Sorry Billion, Darryl, and Cam…I promise I’ll catch you next time). Hungout with Budwey, Chris, Wilcox, BMurph, Cam, Wicket, Jess, Zach, and Bedard…then watched Bane kill it. They’ll never get old to me, even though they didn’t play “Some Came Running”. Cruel Hand was very cool. No songs pre-“Prying Eyes”, but it’s been that way for a while now. The new CH record is cool as hell by the way. Don’t believe all that bullshit you’ve read on the internet about them selling out, because it truly is bullshit. I took a few very crappy pics, but it was because security at the venue was a bunch of jock bros. But overall good ass gig. Catch Cruel Hand on that weird pop punk tour this fall….if you live on the west coast and go to one of those tour gigs, you might see me thur :-)

Some New(ish) HC for all you to check out.